First of all...

We'd just like to say...

Welcome to Ammonitrix!

Ammonitrix is a security solution for families, educators, senior citizens, and businesses of all sizes. Ammonitrix has been designed to be the most secure and reliable service in it's class, and is affordable for everyone!

You might ask: what, exactly, is Ammonitrix? Ammonitrix is a new service that utilizes Mobile Device Management, a service that large corperations have had around for a long time, to secure ordinary people's devices. Until now, only companies with large budgets have been able to afford this type of security, and what is being offered is not even completely reliable or secure.

It's a simple three step process that takes less than 30 seconds, and after you're done, Ammonitrix will control and monitor everything on the desired device.

One Ammonitrix is installed on the device, you can control nearly everything on the device, including:

  • Apps on the device
  • What media can be played on the device
  • What apps can be downloaded

You can even interact with the device remotely, allowing you to:

  • Remove the App Store completely from the device
  • Add or remove any app at any given time
  • Remotely lock the device with a passcode
  • Remotely wipe the device
  • Immediatly block websites and apps

Ammonitrix even lets you monitor the following types of activity, including:

  • Snapchat history
  • Facebook history
  • SMS history
  • Geo-Location history
  • And even more...